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Based in Hope Valley, The Peak District, Derbyshire.


"I have been to Jan many times for various treatments all of which have been amazing. She really is the most lovely soul and takes great care in all holistic treatments she provides 5 star xx"

Emma August 2021

"I don’t know where to start but thank you is a good start.

Jan is absolutely incredible and every treatment is special and wonderful and unique. The kindest soul and the best listener. Not only did I get some much needed me time I got help being strong, seeing things without emotion, moving on and cherishing happier times.

Every time I go to Jan I feel like I really need it and every time I leave I feel like I’m walking on air and can take on the world.

Magical indeed and extremely highly recommended. X "

Natalie December 2021

"Jan is so intuitive she is a wonder to behold. A talented and trained therapist that works in harmony with you, she knows exactly how to support in sessions and my trust towards her never falters. Highly recommended."

Tara Saunders January 2021

"What a treat.”

“I have had all my Reiki training with Jan and it's been amazing. Jan builds a shared space that allows for participants to feel confident to share their experiences and emotions.

She shares her experience without holding back and continues to after the sessions end.

my review- I think you would struggle to find anyone better - 5 stars totally"

Mark Hornsey

January 2021

“Jan holds wonderful Cacao Ceremonies. She creates gorgeous blends of the cacao itself and sends beautiful little packets through the post, so well presented. The Ceremony is always relaxed and feels like a sleepover with friends! Jan’s voice is so soothing in the guided journeys. I always come away happier and more relaxed. Jan reads a card and the messages are always insightful. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Gail Roberts

“Jan is the most wonderful lady who exudes wisdom and kindness and is the embodiment of unconditional love. I absolutely love attending her ceremonies and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for something very special.”

Gail Roberts November 2020

“I highly recommend Jan

Everything she does is with care and love

The workshops are informative and interesting

The treatments and card readings are really special

The online ceromonies are warm and uplifting, Jan always makes it a safe place to be”

Jennifer Kendall November 2020

“Magical is exactly the right atmosphere Jan creates...enveloping you in a warm blanket of safety and healing as she leads you through these beautiful virtual rituals on line. I have benefited so much, especially through the lockdown periods, a time to reflect, mend and be me...”

Diane Davis  November 2021

“My reading with Jan explored aspects to my life’s challenges, with a spiritual focus in a good new light and direction -it was fab! Certainly food for thought.

Jan has a connection that makes you feel safe and well looked after. I am grateful for the kindness and support.”

Genny Hurst

“My experience with Jan's holistic therapies are always uplifting and bring in good positive energies Recently had an oracle card reading & Jan puts you at ease, she is an amazing lady, we did our reading on a video call & it was so relaxing & comfortable for me at home. Jan gave me an accurate reading, which has given me positive thinking for me to move forward in making some life choices. Thank you Jan ”

Shelia Betts

“I had an oracle card reading with Jan this morning and it was a brilliant experience. I left with a positive mindset and lots to think about. I feel that anyone would get lots out of it especially if you need to refocus and are a bit stuck.”

Megan Howsen

“I would highly recommend Magical Muse Holistics. Jan instantly puts you at ease when doing readings. We did our reading via zoom and it felt like we were in the same room. Jan gave me a very accurate reading and I have used this knowledge to make some very positive life choices. Thank Jan ” Janice Margaret August 2020



A beautiful reading so meaningful and lovely energies. Thank you so much xx Jill Harrison June 2020


“My experience with Jan at her Cacao Ceremony was amazing. I felt safe and supported in the sacred space she created and the journey itself was wonderful. I have slept so much better and feel so much better in myself too. Highly recommend ”

Judy Cauldwell February 2020


“I have had my first appointment with this incredible lady this week. I can not recommend her highly enough. I had reiki and cards read. It was a truly lovely experience. I left feeling immensely calm, relaxed and balanced. I’m looking forward to being a regular at Magical Muse Holistics.”

Hilly Bailey August 2019


“had a fabulous destressing holistic facial to die for. will be back for more.”

Wendy Eames February 2019

“Every single time I receive a reiki treatment from Jan Muse, I find greater clarity, focus, confidence and feelings of happiness for myself and kindness for others. The treatments allow any tension or anger I have be recognised and then be released. Jan is exceptionally skilled and I feel very lucky indeed that Jan is one of my alternative health practitioners.”

Naomi Whitehead  October 2018

“I would highly recommend Jan, I had my tarrots read yesterday by this wonderful woman. It's was very detailed and very in-depth. she was quite simply just amazing! I will highly recommend Jan to my friends. Much LOVE.” Xxx  Amber Tibbles September 2017


“Recently completed my first workshop with Jan and it won't be my last! It was amazing and Jan was amazing too! Jan's warmth, kindness, laughter and gentleness was just what was needed and I know our relationship will grow into something special. Also the other ladies in the workshop were all rather special too..lots of love” xxx

Anege Lucas April 2017

“Jan gives off such beautiful energy and to be in her company is a joy in itself , she shows love and compassion so freely, and has a mind full of knowledge and wisdom. she is both professional and excellent at what she does, a great teacher and healer.. as her work comes from her heart and love for all things”

Melanie Asher April 2017


“Jan is one fine healer and is very highly recommended.”

Jeanette Cliff April 2017


“I have attend loads of Jans workshops she is a wonderful teacher with a wealth of knowledge she is happy to share highly recommended attending them BB”

Liz Anderson April 2017


“I am honoured to call you a friend, my beautiful Jan, I am so pleased to review your work, we have done many things together over many years. I was blessed to have you run a workshop at my house for my friends making wonderful face creams, bath bombs and elderberry rob. I have attended los of your workshops and now make my own skin care products... you are an inspiration to me, just carry on being you, you have so much to share. You do everything with kindness and love, I love my Jannie that you made me to wear. Best of luck with everything! Namaste ”

Jane Birken April 2017


“I did my reiki training with this lovely lady and she really helped me relax (i was a bit nervous) I've enjoyed wonderful massages when I've sort either pain relief or relaxation and she makes time for everyone who needs her, she also makes amazing healing lotions and potions. can't praise this lovely lady enough,”

5 stars

Carol Willis April 2017

“I have done several workshops with Jan, most recently her herbal workshop, which was a brilliant way to spend a day. Her knowledge of herbs, oils and aromatherapy is second to none and her style is really relaxed and encouraging. I would highly recommend both this workshop and Jan herself, as an extremely knowledgeable and generous practitioner.”

Lorraine Gwinnutt April 2017

“Jan is a lovely lady who makes you feel very welcome, at ease and at home and is also very professional, I have had several wonderful treatments with Jan and highly recommended her xx”

Nicki Bennett April 2017

“Not long been home from a wonderful weekend learning Angelic Reiki level 1&2 course with the very beautiful and elegant Jan. Thank you so much Jan for all your loving energies you put into this course to make it such a magical and beautiful learning of Reiki healing with the angelic realm. Highly recommend this course to those who are beginners to Reiki and those who have some experience already.... I will now grow with the flow. Namaste ��”


Adele Hockey April 2017


“Brilliant workshops with lots of great information and practical work run by Jan who is a great host and teacher loved each one I have done xx”


Karen Richardson April 2017

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