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 Angelic Reiki





Angelic Reiki is an advanced form of Reiki founded by Kevin Core.  It works on a multi-dimensional way and can help work on deep seated issues as well as past, present, future.


My experience of working with Angelic Reiki, is a feeling of Love,Light and Truth.


The high frequency vibrations,lift, nuture and help to connect us to our Divine purpose. Angelic Reiki can assist healing on a  physical, emotional, mental, and Spiritual level.  Sometimes helping us to see what areas of our lives can be changed for our highest good.


1 hour 15 mins  £30  including consultation before and after treatment


           Magical Muse Holistic's

  Magical Muse Holistic's     07828 034929

Based in Hope Valley, The Peak District, Derbyshire.

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