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The Holistic facial works on many different levels and has fantastic relaxation inducing massage strokes combined with Tsubo point stimulation in a gentle tension soothing Facial massage.  I will blend on request a Aromatherapy oil to suit your skin type.



Tension is reduced in the muscles and improved lymph and blood flow increased.


Touch has an immediate beneficial effect on our emotions and calms and soothes the nervous system creating a feeling of

relaxation and positivity.


Holistic massage helps to promote lost skin flexibility and elasticity.


the gentle stroking has a major effect on improving grey, puffy or saggy skin and circulation  is increased.


The universal energy known as “Ki” “Chi” or “prana” is encouraged as our energy centres and meridians are balanced and

unblocked by the finger pressure on the “Tsubo” points.


Holistic Facial massage can help:



•Reduce wrinkles and expression lines.


•Improve skins suppleness


•Relieve muscle tension


•Tighten and tone underlying muscles.


•Relieve stress symptoms I.e. headaches, eye strain and insomnia.


•Stimulate cellular activity and rejuvenation.


•Aid lymphatic circulation.


•Remove ‘dead’ skin cells.


•Maintain a fresh youthful complexion.


•Promote blood circulation.


•Enhance mental and physical relaxation.


A course of 5-6 weekly treatments are advised for best results, with a monthly top -up. However just

one treatment can make a real difference to the way you look and feel.



£30 per session.


However if you wish to book 5 sessions, I have reduced the price to £25

a session. ...

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