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My take on Moroccan spiced Tea.



Handful spearmint or peppermint dried. Or teabag

1 small cinnamon stick

7-8 Cardomon pods

Small knob of ginger

A pinch of oolong tea

Approx 20 Coriander seeds

5 ish cloves

Place everything apart from mint in a pan of water.

Heat and Macerate the spices for around 10 mins.

Naturally, giving thanks and pouring love into the brew

The spices will beging to give up their goodness.

Turn the heat to very low

Add the mint and steep for another 5 mins

Strain and enjoy.

I reuse the herbs and get around 3 brews.

Great for digestive system and keeping you warm as the spices keep your circulation flowing.





Fire Incense


I created this blend for an Intention setting ceremony.

Smells so good.

So, thought I would share my recipe with you.


2 parts Frankincense

1 Part Myrrh

2 Parts St Johns Wort

Small cinnamon stick

1 part Woodruff

2 bay leaves

A pinch of Dragons Blood

elder 1

Cheer's Elder Mother


The pollen count is High so Mama provides to support.

Locally gathered Elderflowers will provide you with a dose of pollen and act as an anti-histamine.

Its best to start drinking cordial, tea or tincture in around March. So remember to dry some, make tinctures or freeze some of the cordial.

Elder is  steeped in superstition, it is said witch's are able to turn themselves into elder trees

If you sleep under an Elder you will never awaken. But instead be taken to the Underworld seduced by the smell of the flowers. The white pith inside the branches contain as sleep inducing substance.

Legend says never to burn Elder wood as Elder Mother will seek revenge.

I always talk to the any flora or fauna before I take something from them.

I also leave an offering of some kind, be it a song, my faerie tobacco, even strands of my hair.

Old woodcutters would recite a rhyme.

Always gather with respect and leave plenty to turn to Berries for winter medicine.

Elder is really one of my favourite tree's, one of my  plant Allies along with fern and oak. I have her berries inked on my arm.

I prefer to make my Elderflower syrup with coconut sugar, rather than honey or white sugar.

So, it is quite sharp and not as  delicately

coloured. But so much better for you.

Elderflower, like Dandelion is also a diuretic.

It is useful in colds and flu, diabetes, bronchitis and sweating out a fever.

Used in cosmetics it whitens the skin

And helps to fade age spots.

Much gratitude for all of Mother Natires gifts.  

I hope you enjoyed my little post.  

One day,  hopefully in the not too distant future. I will be back with my Plant Medicine and Natural Magic workshops, outside in Nature where I work at my best.

For the love of it all.

One Love

This info of course is not a substitute for medical advise and for information only.    Enjoy!

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