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Based in Hope Valley, The Peak District, Derbyshire.

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Flower Essence Catalogue

A brief description of each Essence's Vibration.

More information coming soon.


Blackberry flower : Grounding and assists. All rounder. Lifts Shame and guilt helps us focus on our goals.


Blackthorn: Helps us to see the light in the darkness with ease.


Chamomile:  Calms the senses allows us to accept help and touch from others. Helps with nervous tension and digesting lives troubles. Helps us connect with our guides and angels.


Crab Apple: Helps us when we feel crabby and cross with ourselves. When we are self critical that nothing goes right for us.


Clary Sage:  Helps us to see clearly what we need to move forward. Gently supports our path and helps us manifest.


Crocosmia: Feelings of anger, Injustice, not fitting in, disagreeing with others intentionally. Gounding and helps us to accept others truth.


Cyclamem:  Bereavement and despair. Feeling abandoned encourages strength of mind.


Daffodil:  Brings light and happiness. Lifts our mood to help us see light at the end of the tunnel.


Daisy: Brightens the spirit and emotions.   Helps with fear and anxiety


Elderflower: To help see beauty everywhere, within and without. Brings peace.


Evening Primrose: Loneliness, Fear of bonding, Sexual and emotional suppression.


Fern : for feelings of loneliness and despair


Fir: Letting go, moving forward, readjusting our beliefs, adaptability and weathering the storm.


Hawthorn: Heart ache, Loss of sensuality and power, feeling an emotional wreck.


Hazel: Holding ourselves back by not seeing our worth.


Honeysuckle:  Helps us to live in the present deal with regret and stop looking backwards. Helps bring about Joy and a sense of fun.


Ladys Mantle: Helps with anxiety, calms the heart and eases our spirit. Manifests acceptance. Assists with self love and care.


Lilac: Nightmares and fears of dying or death.


Marshmallow:  Grounding, soothes feelings of anger, resentment. Opens crown chakra


Meadowsweet : Spiritual purifier, helps to bring happiness, lightens the heart and brings about gratitude.


Mugwort : Spirituality, sexuality, worry over mundane things.


Poached egg: Helps us to shine our light and not compare ourselves to others, we are all perfect in our own way.


Snow drop: Cleansing purifying thoughts. Awakening to our true self


Sage flower: Helps with major life transitions and view from a distanced point.


Vervain: Heart connection. Stop, look, listen to your heart. When we feel delicate and the world is against us she helps connect us to our magic.


Wild Cherry: Feelings of unhappiness from unknown source.  Helps us keep our chin up and cheer up.


Wild Rose: Heart healing, acceptance and love. For ourselves and others. Support through life’s transitions. Helps keep us centred and in control. Encourages compassion and divine goddess energy.


Wild Strawberry:  Helps to separate our thoughts from our feelings. Assists with over worrying and anxious thoughts. Helps us to see our self worth. Works with inner child.














The Elements


Earth:  Ground, Focus, Manifest.

For times where you lack direction and focus, having trouble Manifesting or realising your goals.

Blackberry Flower, Marshmallow, Fir.


Air:  Communication with self and others.

Are you having trouble speaking your truth, for fear of causing upset or rejection?  

Conflicting thoughts and unable to discern your thoughts from your feelings.

Crocosmia, Wild Strawberry, Elderflower.


Fire:  Feeling stuck and Disconnected

Lacking passion and Creativity.

Dislike of physical contact.

Feeling disconnected and unable to see our own worth.

Crab apple, Hawthorn,  Mugwort.


Water:   Be here now.

When emotions are all over the place.

Worrying unnecessarily.

Having difficulty living in the present.


Lady's Mantle, Vervain, Chamomile.


All Essence have been made from organic, wild flowers and trees.

£15 10ml  Combined post and packaging for 2 or more Essences. Please contact me to order. My shop is still under construction.

Each blend comes with instructions for use in a Muslin bag.

All contents and packing is fully recyclable apart from the small tamper proof seal. (Which is a legal requirement)

Please message me to order as I haven't managed to get them on my site yet.

Or maybe you would like a 1 2 1 Consultation and essence blend especially for you.

On line or in person £25 includes your Essence

Thank you so much everyone for your support.

It's been a journey !!!!




Flower Essence Catalogue

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